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Subject: [midi-mag] Sibelius Access Version 1

Dear all,

I am delighted to say that the public beta of Sibelius Access version 1 is now 
available for download.

You have my sincere apologies for any inconvenience which the recent delays 
have caused, but as some of you know, or have guessed, my health has not been 
as good as I would like of late, and Sibelius Access has been very nearly a one 
man effort.

I would like to thank Sibelius Software who have shown a great willingness to 
cooperate with this project, and also the Royal College of Music for there 
continued support.  I must also extend very sincere thanks to Tim Burgess of 
Raised Bar Ltd for all of his help over the last year, and most especially the 
last week.

Developing Sibelius Access has been a very long, and sometimes difficult job 
and I need to take a short break to clear my head.  Tim Burgess will be holding 
the Sibelius fort in the mean time, so be nice.  I may pop in from time to time 
to look over things, but don't be surprised if you don't hear from me.

Please remember that this is beta software.  Of course every effort has been 
made to ensure that the scripts will run smoothly, but no programmer in his 
right mind would say that nothing will ever go wrong, even after an extensive 
round of testing.

Finally, I feel it necessary to point out that whilst the scripts are being 
made available to the user at no cost, there has most certainly been a cost 
involved.  Sibelius Access comprises over 16000 lines of computer code and the 
documentation, which is still in its early stages, is already nearly fifty 
pages long, and I wouldn't even want to guess at how much time was spent in 
experimentation and research.  Moreover, I am not the only person who has made 
a sacrifice in bringing this project to fruition.

But enough of the negative.  Sibelius Access can be downloaded from:


You can also find a design document on the site, which describes all the 
features of Sibelius Access, so even if you're not ready to download the 
scripts, you can at least see what you might be missing out on.

Good luck and enjoy,

Dan Rugman

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