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  • From: "Martin Schneider" <martin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: amhso@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 00:24:59 +0100 (CET)

Dear Alife Mutants,

AHMSO is approaching rapidly, and I guess you have all started preparing
presentations for the winter workshop.


The topics below are just suggestions, feel free to come up with your own
punch line. But we'd like to ask all those mentined below
to contribute a talk !
If one of the others also feels like giving a talk, let us know!
we warmly welcome your contributions!

{{ presenting your background }}

{ rule110 }
introduction to rule110       (genaro martinez, 20 min)
tiling with rule110           (abdiel caceres, 20 min)

{ biology }
modelling infectious diseases (joana margarida, 20 min)
sperm mediated gene transfer  (andrei kouznetsov, 20 min)

{ artifical & art }
darwinbots                    (carlo comis, 20 min)
cellular automata in art      (michael schreiber, 20 min)

{ sociolgy and philosophy }
what's love got to do with it (alan roach, 20 min)
some philosophical ideas      (carlos gershenson, 20 min)

{{ workshops }}

complexity III (OSXLCAU21)    (genaro martinez, 15 min)


{ models explained }

evolution and love (martin schneider, 60 min)
sleeping patterns  (konrad diwold, 60 min)
pattern formation  (martin schneider, 60 min)
small worlds       (konrad diwold, 60 min)

{ workshops }

introduction to Starlogo    (konrad diwold, 90 min)
introduction to Mathematica (martin schneider, 90 min)
complexity I  (NKSexplorer) (martin schneider, 15 min)
complexity II (DDlab)       (konrad diwold, 15 min)
Evolvica & Combinatorica    (martin schneider, 45 min)

{{{ rule110 folders }}}

Everyone will get a rule110 folder containing short tutorials, handouts
and references to literature.
To include your handouts in the folders we need to have them until march
4th (thursday) ! If you don't manage to send us the handouts you can also
copy them ( one copy for each of the 17 participants ) and bring them

{ Powerpoint template files }

If you are going to use Powerpoint for your presentation, please download
our Powerpoint template files from the rule110 website!
In case you have windows XP you can use rule110-dark.pot
Since the templates contain PNG's, older versions of Powerpoint may
produce artifacts when rendering the transparence channel on screen.
In this case rule110-light.pot should look less freaky.


{ Thanks }

Thanks for helping us make AMHSO a great experience!
We look forward to enjoying your contributions!
Thank you very much!

Kind Regards,

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