[AMHSO] Re: who else is on the list?

  • From: "Will Pearson" <w.pearson@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: amhso@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 22:15:48 +0000

Introduction time :) 
I have recently finished my university career for now with a MSc in Machine 
Learning and Adaptive Computing at UWE. I am trying to find a job that will 
allow me 
to spend some time continuing to work on my dissertation, hence why I don't 
have the funds to come along to the meeting. So my main interest and my project 
trying to find a way of computing where the programs in the system are 
responsible for there own improvement and debugging. As such I am looking at 
trying to 
get evolving groups of programs that modify their offsprings source code 
(unlike Tierra et Al where the the mutation is externally applied) and 
cooperate to compete 
for feedback from a user.  
My project can be found here, http://codesoup.sourceforge.net/ , although it is 
quite out of date. I am working on a document that describes more of the 
why I chose this direction. 
Other interests include wearable computing, neuro science and evolution. One 
topic that contains some of these threads that interests me is whether Alife 
techniques can tell us about the future shape of humanity (Global Brain etc) in 
the day and age where more communication allows tighter control or more 
democratic consenus and more is learnt about the brain and the potential for 
changing it's behaviour (genetically of bio-chemically). 
Anyway it shall be interesting to hear what a group of varied and intelligent 
minds comes up with at your meeting. 
  Will Pearson 
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