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dear listpeople,

rule110 is dead. long lives rule110!

I hope all of you are doing fine. See attached the announcement for
a summerschool in Amsterdam. It stems from the rule110 winter workshop,
and will be held this summer. Please forward it to people which might be 

Best Regards from Amsterdam,



*Apologies for cross posting. Please help forward to interested people*

First Announcement
1st International Summer School on Collective Intelligence and Evolution
August 7-11 2006
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The First International Summer School on the Design Of Collective Intelligence
(DECOI2006) will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands during August 7-11 2006.
This summer school aims to provide master/graduate students with the
opportunity to learn techniques and methods for designing collective
intelligence. The summer school will cover a spectrum of topics within this
field to provide students with knowledge about methods and techniques
(evolutionary computing, artificial life models, self organizing systems) as
well as related research domains (biology, linguistics). The summer school is
set up as a lecture/workshop environment where students learn about theories
and tools for modeling and analyzing complex systems and get hand on experience
with the implementation of several models. Participants are also encouraged to
present their own work / projects.

Master/Graduate Students in computer science, artificial intelligence, business
informatics, bioinformatics and related fields

Selected topics that will be taught at the summer school are:
   Evolutionary Computing
   Artificial Life Models
   Self Organizing Systems
   Multi Agent Systems
   Evolutionary Linguistics
   Social Systems

1 May        First Call for Participation, Registration opens
9 June       Early registration deadline
1 July       Submission deadline of student abstracts
7–11 August  DECOI2006 summer school

DECOI2006 is hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the Vrije
Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For more information please contact Martijn Schut (schut@xxxxxxxx).

Kind regards,
DECOI2006 organising committee.

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