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Better late than never!

Hello to you, all my name is Alan Roach I am 28 and am in my second year
studying for my PhD at the University of Surrey, UK. My first degree was
combined sociology and psychology, then I did a masters in social research
methods. My interests are in dynamic social processes and using simulation
tools to model these and so I am mainly interested in at least attempting to
link simulations and the real world (although wish I was free from these
restraints and could just mess about with artificial societies). 

My interests are memes and cultural evolution. My PhD's looking at the
socialization of taste judgments (specifically on music) from an
evolutionary (psychology)/complexity perspective and how this could act to
self-organize groups (subcultures, genres) and be used in the process of
finding love/mate. So my main Rule110 interest is evolution and love,
although I'm pretty interested in small world networks.

For the sponsors, I also work for the European network of excellence on
complex systems EXYSTENCE so please feel free to check out our website
http://www.complexityscience.org/index.php .

Looking forward to meeting/working with you all.

See ya,


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Hello Everyone,

we got 5 new list members!

{ AMHSO participants }

A warm welcome goes to <Daniel Knabe>, <Carsten Wittenberg> and <Carlo
Comis> who have been picked from those that have applied for the extended
application deadline!

Please use the archives at http://www.freelists.org/archives/rule110
and especially http://www.freelists.org/archives/amhso.rule110
to find out what has already been posted!

There is a lot of important information regarding posting policy,
travelling, timetables and especially software issues posted recently!

{ guests }

We also welcome <Nicolas Neubauer> and <Lasse Scherfig> as special guests to
the list.

{ introducing your self }

Please give us a short introduction of who you are and what you do!
If you are not sure what the intro should look like -- check the archives:
Most of us have already introduced themselves...

Okay, enjoy :-)


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