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  • From: Genaro Juarez Martinez <genaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 08:45:37 -0800


My name is Genaro Juarez Martinez, doctorate student in Mexico city that this to finalize in the month april (and looking work). I have made investigation in cellular automata theory, reversible, the Game of Life and Rule 110 with Dr. Harold V. McIntosh. Several papers and software totally gratuitous can be consulted and acquired in:


My interest in Rule 110 is in cellular automata theory and computation theory. For example:

1. Like controlling a complex cellular automata?

Rule 110 is in the class of complex automata according the classification of Stephen Wolfram (class IV). For example at the present time in the automata of John Horton Conway "The Game of Life" does not have a procedure that realize such control, much less in the model of John von Neumann. At the present time I have an effective procedure that I call "phases fi_1," that allows make such control through of regular expressions. The program that I have developed applies this table of data, is "OSXLCAU21" system and can be acquired in:


version windows need WebObjects for windows.

2. Gliders in Rule 110 can be reproduced by collisions?

Problems of emergent behavior, synchronization, self-reproduction and self-organization they are involved. Matthew Cook offers an ample list of gliders until now known in Rule 110 (illustrated in the new book of Wolfram), nevertheless Cook comments that all gliders cannot be product of a collision. Making specialized searches and applying our procedure, we demonstrated that all gliders of the list can be reproduced at least by a collision including glider gun!, as he can see itself in:


the problem that follows open, is all gliders that exists in Rule 110?.

3. Like constructing an equivalent system Turing in Rule 110?

Cook demonstrates that Rule 110 can make universal computation simulating a cyclic tag systems, displayed in "A New Kind of Science." I have reproduced east system with phases fi_1 in a evolution space of 3`228,176,000 cells, finding that demonstration presented by Wolfram is incomplete and with some errors. At the present time attempt implement a Manakov systems making logics operations using solitons in Rule 110 and simulate other variants of the cyclic tag systems.

4. Rule 110 is a universal constructor? or, Rule 110 is a cellular automata of the von Neumann type?

Investigation that is in process.

Finally similar the message of Meike Aulbach my english is not very good, costs work me listen it fluidly and speak it, write and read it is little less complicated. Reason why it would cost me work establish a good conversation, but I will do my maximum effort to lear communicate me quickly. Hoping soon see them all.

My better desires,

- genaro

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