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  • From: Joana Margarida <j.simoes@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 18:51:19 +0000

thank you very much for the information!
I think both links for mathematica and nks explorer are not working - please tell me if you can do somethin about it... cheers

Martin Schneider wrote:

Hi Joana,

{ Haus Neuland contact number }

international : ++49-5205-9126-0
inside germany: 05205-9126-0

Since there may be no one at the reception at night, we are looking for a
participant to provide his or her mobile number so you can reach us.
Any mobile volunteers from Osnabrück/Germany?

{ downloading software }

You can find links to the free software in the workshop section:
It looks like the  download links for NKS-Explorer have expired again,
but I'll ask Wolfram Research to reactivate them immediately.


Im afraid Im not gonna make it by saturday at 3 pm, but Im arriving on
day ASAP. I will try my luck with the bus to waldfriedhof, but I would
to ask someone from the organization to leave me a phone number, just in
case I lost myself on the woods...
Another thing I would like to ask, is if you please can send again the
of that software we should download!
           thank you very much!

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