[AMHSO] AHMSO merchandising ;-)

  • From: "Martin Schneider" <martin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: amhso@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 23:10:39 +0100 (CET)

Welcome to the colourful world of rule110 products you can't live without ;-)

{{ AHMSO CD-Roms }}

We are planning to assemble an AHMSO CD-Rom that you can take home with
you after the workshop

It will include
- papers and tutorials that didn't fit into the AMHSO folder
- all your presentations and simulations from the workshop
- and possibly even funny pictures if anyone is bringing a digicam

We will install a public folder in our network were you can drop files to
be included in the CD-ROM during the workshop.

{{ AHMSO Certificate }}

Konrad is currently designing a certificate of participation, which you
may either use for reimbursement at your university or to impress your
friends at home

{{ AHMSO T-Shirts }}

Unfortunately Konrad and me are too busy preparing our presentations, and
learning nifty catch phrases to cover up for our lack of scientific
knowledge, to design the obligatory workshop t-shirt.
Nevertheless I have come up with some ideas:

{ rule110 shirt }

front title   "4 Lines Pride"
front subtext "I'm just 4 lines of code and I'm proud"
back : rule110 winter workshop, AMHSO, Bielefeld 2004
back  : 4 lines from the interview with Stephen Wolfram, where he states
how long the rule of the universe would be in Mathematica.

{ sleep shirt }

front title: don't wake me up -- I'm doing research
back : project 'sleeping patterns and hibernation', AMHSO, Bielefeld 2004

{ love shirt }

front title: I love to simulate
front subtext: 'Aaahh Aaaah Aaaaaaaaaah' cited from Harry and Sally
back: project 'evolution and love', AMHSO,  Bielefeld 2004

{ small world shirt }

front title: A friend of mine has a friend who is wearing a really silly
subtext: everyone is connected to himself by only one degree of
separation. amazing, isn't it?
back: project 'agents and small worlds', AMHSO, Bielefeld 2004

{ pattern shirt }
should be the colour of your skin!

front title: No. I'm not naked.
front subtext: I just got this t-shirt made of chameleon-skin.
back: project 'patterns and mimikry', AMHSO, Bielefeld 2004

If anybody wants a t-shirt I will design them once the workshop is over
and sell them in our rule110 merchandising section :-)


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