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  • From: Garland Robertson <pastor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Austin Mennonite Church <amc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 09:24:52 -0500

Members and Friends of Austin Mennonite Church

I pray you are encouraged and enriched by your experiences of life.

Experiences from our past live on in our consciousness to help us better manage situations that have similar characteristics like those we knew before. Mennonite Heritage Sunday invites us to reflect on the foundations that defined the earliest Anabaptist believers. In the nearly five hundred years Mennonite have existed, in what ways have we matured in our understanding of life and our engagement of it? When letting go of ‘childish’ things, have we also let go of other things that are important for us to recover? It would be a tragedy if Mennonites have not changed along the way as we have learned more about the implications of being faithful to the witness of Jesus--how to demonstrate what we believe in our time. And it would be an equal tragedy if we neglected to embrace elements of the original confession that are at the heart of Christian discipleship. Fashioning a community in which these pursuits are possible may be our most worthy endeavor. In doing this we preserve the climate of re-formation that made Anabaptist theology come alive and be accessible to persons who were searching for a courageous community in which they could experience a truly authentic spiritual expression.

During worship there will be time for some of you to share stories from your past that have particular meaning for you--stories that encourage and inspire you. Please freely share your short story for the benefit of the community.

May it go well with you. Sincerely,
Garland Robertson

Austin Mennonite Church,  (512) 926-3121  www.mennochurch.org
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