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Thanks Ed!

Great advice.  I think I'll try a box of those Magna-Glides as I am near the 
end of my first box of Coats.

Two things I've learned to avoid bobbin breaks is lubrication, lubrication, 
lubrication as Rod recommends and bobbin tension.  If in doubt when wondering 
if the bobbin tension is too tight or too loose, I found out that it is much 
better to err on the loose side just as long as you are not getting good 
looking stitches on the top and a reasonable amount of bobbin showing on the 
bottom.  I don't know if I am just imagining this or not, but it seems that 
most of my thread breakages happen down by the bobbin hook which would indicate 
that the tension is too tight.  You techs will probably disagree with me though.

One other reason why I would want to wind my own bobbins is when I do free 
standing lace, where you'd want the same thread and color in the bobbin as you 
have on the top.  Those projects seem to take forever to complete on my home 
machines....the Amaya would be awesome at it.

However, I'd have one for each specific type of thread so I can adjust the 
tension for each bobbin case and leave it there.  One extra bobbin case came 
with the Amaya.  If I wanted extra ones, do I need to buy the ones from Melco 
or will generic L-style bobbin cases work in it?

FYI....I did try Mettler Metrosene and quilting thread for embroidering and 
they worked great as well.  I'm getting good at Acti-Feed and adjusting the 
other Amaya OS settings and am appreciating it more and more.  The Amaya has 
have to have more flexibility than the other brands (Tajima, Barundan, etc.) 
when working with a large variety of threads.


The Other Ed


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