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I use Ackermann poly(poly for the reason mentioned before, colorfast).. I
have tried others... Robinson Anton is very comparable... The one thing I
like about Ackermann or RA thread is the snap bottoms on the cones... It
keeps them nice and neat and it is better for storage...
As for backing... (I know you didn't ask)...
I have also used Ackermann... But I got a sample of John Solomon...
I have switched over... I found I like the construction, and the feel of
their backing over any other...
And one other think... I buy the die cuts... I first bought the rolls and
thought I was saving money.... When you measure the time it takes to cut
from the roll compared to the little cost extra for pre cuts.... You save
nothing and cause more labor... With the pre cuts I can hoop and run a whole
job and trim later... If you use the idea of using a strip of backing and
trimming ever time so you can use it next hooping.... Again the labor is the
same in this step but is mandatory to keep the production going.....  FOOD

Ask a question and get many ideas....
A Golden Stitch

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> Ed, the difference between Poly and Rayon is that Poly cannot be washed
> bleach.  It is a thinner thread and has a higher sheen to it.  It depends
> what you are sewing on and the results you would like to achieve.  I use
> Isacord by Ackerman and love it for almost everything--unless I am wanting
> metallic shiny effect.  Isacord can also be used for regular sewing.  I do
> have Madeira, ARC, and several other brands I use if it is the color I am
> looking for.  I would not use "cheap" as my guideline for purchasing
> Use a good quality.
> Sharon

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