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In addition to Juli's suggestions beef up the column width a whole bunch.  
Sometimes if I am doing .10-.20" letters I will go up to 180-220% on column 
width and around 5-6 on density, no underlay or a short stitch length walk 
stitch.  When you beef up the column width that much on the screen it looks 
horible and you can hardly read it but you will be surprised at how it sews 

If you want me to look at you lettering send it to linen@xxxxxxxxxxx and I 
would be happy to take a look in the morning.

I'm going to talk to the Melco Trainer going on our AMAYA Cruise and see if he 
is going to touch on this and if not I will probably set up a class with some 
tips on small lettering as it seems to be an issue quite often.

As juli said the 60 wt thread (Madeira carries it in lots of colors) with the 
65/9 needle helps alot and actually you can use a 65/9 needle with 40 wt thread 
on small lettering and it helps but the 60wt makes a nice, crisp, clean looking 


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