[amayausers] Re: red feed wheels breaking?

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The machine is still warranteed, we bought the extended after the original ran 
It isn't getting overused at all, and we make sure we alternate 'basic color' 
needles every job over 10-12 pieces to spread out the wear.
We can see 'grease' on every wheel-not excessive, but you can tell they were 
greased, and when Sue did the maintenance, she said every wheel looked like it 
had just been done...no 'lack' of grease anywhere.
But she was not happy finding the broken 'prongs' on them-and doesn't think she 
did it as she removed them because they all came off fairly easily. Its the 
black 'clip' or whatever that drives her nuts putting back on!
We'll give Melco a call and see if the red wheels are guaranteed-I thought they 
were supposed to last for a gazillion stitches.

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