[amayausers] Re: red feed wheels breaking?

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If you are waiting until the timmers to tell you to do the roller maintanance, 
you are really waiting too long for the most used needles....they need more 
lubrication than that...

You did not specifically indicate if your machine is still under warranty. If 
the rollers are/were defective, I am sure that Melco will replace them....give 
them a call and explain the situation to them..

I have seen some of the centers fractured. This can happen when the rollers are 
popped back in place and too much pressure is applied. Rollers  that are kept 
properly lubricated come off much eaiser than those that are not and could 
cause the breakage you are seeing. If the roller hangs up or drags because of 
the lack of lubrication, the clips could bind and break as the roller turns...

Rod Springer
Melco EMT & Amaya tech

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