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Is it just me or are the pictures on the cd for adjusting the hook timing not 
for the xt?
My xt will NOT, all the sudden, pick up the bobbin thread.  It has been acting 
up for a couple of days not wanting to cut the thread then  yesterday it broke 
needle # 15 for no reason that I can see.  Anyway, it went ahead and sewed most 
of the pattern until it got to the outline.  It will not pick up the bobbin 
thread.  I did find thread stuck in the cutter and wrapped around the shaft 
behind the bobbin case, which I removed.  Didn't help.  when you do the check 
for the hook timing the "hook point", with the needle in the bottom center 
position, is way off to the right.  I got the cd out and it appears to need to 
be adjusted.  But I can't tell from the picture which screw I need to loose to 
allow the thing to turn by hand!
Can anyone help me out here?  Thanks,


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