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  • From: "A Golden Stitch/John and Mary Kyler" <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 16:43:26 -0700

I guess it's my turn as one of 3 moderators...
I started the list to help anyone (include myself serial number #44) who had
or wanted or had interest in Amaya.
I would say that if we have any question that drifts directley away from
Amaya, I'm not too concerned as long as it is embroidery related...
But I would say that when I personally have a question that is not Amaya
related, I post to the www.embroideryline.net group. As there is a bigger
audience (I think about 1200) as opposed to our 72.
As I'm a member of 6 (or so) other lists. I find the embroidery line is the
most comprehensive and has more answers when I ask. If you are not a member
consider it...
But as with that list, if you have an embroidery related question, and you
want to ask another Amaya user, DO IT!
Also this list is for it's members. The list will follow what the group
wants. As this list has helped me through my troubles. We help to guide it,
but do not dictate it.
A Golden Stitch

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