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Hi Judy,
I'm gonna suggest that we not use a needle or pin to orient the needle.  The 
reason is because sewing at 1200 spm the thread passes through the eye of the 
needle 40 times before it is laid onto the fabric.  By putting another needle 
into the eye, you risk scratching inside the eye and creating a small burr 
inside the eye of the needle and that can cause thread breaks.

When we train our people, we use a small lighted magnifying glass and look at 
the groove that runs down the face of the shank of the needle. Line that up 
straight forward or 5 to 10 degrees to the right.  By turning the needle to the 
right it causes the little "bubble" of thread created under the fabric (when 
the machine is on a 1 degree rise) to open a little wider for the hook to pass 
through (as long as the hook is properly timed).

One thing you can do safely is break a pencil with a good eraser to 3 or 4 
inches in length.  Insert the point of your new needle in the eraser and use 
that to insert and orient the needle.



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