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Always makes me nervous when I hear someone say that they "recalibrated" their 
needlecase. This is one of the critical functions of the machine and learning 
how to do this and why it is important that it be done very carefully and 
accurately is something that the techs are taught during our training. Once it 
has been done, then other things such as hook timing, etc, must also be 
adjusted to these new settings....

Because the needlecase calibration is so closely related to threadfeed, hook 
timing and proper trimming procedures on the XT, and the fact that you are now 
having thread breakage, I have to ask the questions ...How did you go about 
recalibrating your needlecase? How is the trimming on this machine?

I kind of doubt that having the presser foot down all the way for caps, had 
much to do with the breakage you are experiencing only because of the 
"recalibrating" statement in your post. But, but, but......Having the foot too 
low may result in hammering the material and possibly damaging the material by 
leaving a foot print. There is also a possibility that the presser foot spring 
could be fatigued and damaged over time by the constant battering that is 
taking place. If the spring is broken or weak, then the presser foot cannot do 
a proper job of holding the material down and Yes....this would then result in 
excess thread breakage taking place.... 

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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