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Something to try, would be to run the Amtrim and the Ampass test designs. To do 
this, hoop up 3 layers of middle weight cut-a-way backing. Do not use 
tear-a-way backing for these tests. Use a 44cm X 30cm jacketback hoop for this 
as I sew both Amtrim and Ampass on the one hoop setup. Hoop the backing drum 
tight...no floppiness allowed....

In OS, go into the design folder, go into C drive, Program Files, Melco 
Embroidery Systems, Amaya, Test Designs and select Amtrim to sew first.

Set your presser foot all the way down and up one click.

In "Settings", "Threadfeed", click on "Restore Defaults".....I want you to do 
this one, just because we need to know where "Column Feed", "Run/Fill" and "Min 
Auto Lower Limit", are really at in case they have been adjusted. Also check to 
see that bobbin detect, all thread protection and hoop detection is enabled.

Carefully feel the backside tips of all the needles for burrs. Replace any 
needles with even a hint of a burr.

It would be nice to know that the red pinch rollers and the inner thread feed 
rollers are well lubricated. Don't wait for the timers to tell you to do this. 
Make sure that they are.

It would also be nice to know that the "Takeup Lever Cam Disk" is well 
lubricated....In "Settings" "Timers" , go though the 10 million lubrication 
step procedure to see how this is done.....again I say, if you are waiting for 
the timers to tell you it is time to do all of these things, depending on the 
environments these machines live in, it is probably way too long. In most 
cases, it is.

Oil the rotary hook every morning before you start and every 4 hours if running 

Put a few extra drops of oil in the reciprocator slot....10 or so...

Check your bobbin tension and make sure the leaf spring on the case has no lint 
build-up under it on the bobbin case. Tension should be just a bit on the tight 
side of a spider crawl. You should have to drop and tug to get it to give a 
couple of inches or so.

Set Color Sequence for  just 16 colors, starting with 1, then 2,3,4,5,6 and so 
on....it will color wrap by itself from then on.

Run at 1200 spm.

If all of these things are not done, then you cannot establish a clear baseline 
from which to be able to diagnoise thread break problems from and you will be 
wasting your time.

Document how many failures, what they are and what needle(s) appear to be 
giving you the problems. This test design is for testing the Trimmers.

Do this same thing now, only use the Ampass test design.

If both of these test designs run well w/o excessive thread breaks and/or 
trimming problems, then the first place I would go for would be design issues, 
digitizing vs machine settings, etc....

Sorry to be so wordy...guess I was just in a talk-a-tive mood.

Rod Springer
amaya Tech & Trainer


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