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When I took my class 2 years ago, I just kept everything on "auto" settings b/c 
it was the easiest thing to do and I had so many more things to learn that was 
more pressing (am still learning things I should know by now). When I read 
posts, a lot of times it is asked if where you have your settings?  I'm 
thinking about trying to manually set my acti-feed.  I know there is a little 
chart on the computer telling me what to use, but are there any other rules to 
use when deciding what to pick?  For ex. I stitched on a polyester shirt sleeve 
recently.  My auto setting made it pucker and look too bulky. When I set it at 
an "8" (recommended by a friend) it looked so much better, but the chart 
wouldn't have had me do that.  
Thanks for your help...I know this sounds probably like a silly question.


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