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Hi Rod.

Thanks, yeah I did the Y Rails in that small plastic hole on the top of each of 
the two rails.  I still get the same loud rubbing sound on certain stitch 
patterns.  When the machine moves Left to Right I get a lound sound.

So I think the cables need to be tightened.  When the machine makes a ton of 
noise I can see those cables that run left to right, not front to back, they 
are jumping all over the place, then the noise stops and those cables on the 
pullies look fine.

These are the cables that are hidden behind the long plastic piece that you 
screw your arms or fast frames to.  You have to actually ok from the back of 
the machine foward to see these.  

I have one machine that makes this super load noise.  My seocnd machine I can 
tell is starting to make this same sound, but not as loud.  My third machine 
makes no noise and the cables feel just a tad tighter to the touch.

Can I buy this tool to test the cable tension?


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