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Laurie-I had nothing but trouble with caps for years...until I got some 
excellent help from Rod, Herb, Ed, and someone else that all offered advice.
Here's what I was doing WRONG...
lettering-too dense (3.5, 4, etc.-no...should be 5,6) density of backgrounds- 
too dense, also-backgrounds on hats...not really recommended.
Sewing from center out, and from bottom to top. I was using shirt layouts, 
didn't change things. Always sew the bottom line (of lettering) or bottom 
portion first-work your way up, and when possible-do the center first, then to 
one side, then back to the center and to the other side.
Image height-average hats 2" is good-unstructured low crown- 1.5" is about it. 
Some full height structured hats you might go up to 2.5 or 2.75 but you'll see 
the hat moving around.
Backing-I use 1 layer of stiff 2oz. tear away, 4" roll. Precut sheets don't 
always work-unless you get the long ones.
Hat brim-watch the hat as it sews-is the brim rubbing on the back of the needle 
head? This will 'pull' the face of the cap-distort the sewout, break needles or 
thread...that's what the 'bungee cord' adaptor fixes on the CCF.


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