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Tip:  I put a fat (3.5" x .25" [#64]) rubber band around the inner (closest to 
brim holder) on my WACF.  I just grab the top of the rubber band and move it 
left and then right as I slide the backing (one piece or two) under it.  The 
backing virtually never slips this way.  When the cap is removed the rubber 
band usually stays in place.

Also, sometimes it seems to make more sense not to open the fastener in the 
back of the cap.  This way the fastener can be pulled down with one finger 
rather than trying to pull both side down with one hand.  With some caps I 
don't get the same tension this way, but it usually is good.

Question:  There is a thick piece of black rubber that came with the gauge or 
hoop.  Does anyone use this?  How does it help?

David Sklar
Arlington VA


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