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It's been well over a year since we used the WACF, I bet almost 2 years...and 
now I have to see if it can salvage this hat job from hell...can't replace the 
hats-have to do it on the ones we have.
And I have zero memory for how to hoop on the WACF.
I know there is a rubber pad, and little clamps (somewhere around here) but 
can't remember the sequence of hat, pad, backing, clamps...so if someone can 
give me quick brief 'how to' it should job my memory.
I will be hooping up structured 'high brow' flexfit 6 panel caps-can't get the 
face and brim down far enough to stop the bouncing-small letters won't sew 
close to the brim. Tried everything several from the chat suggested but its the 
hats...not the machine or digitizing. So last effort is to dust off the WACF 
frame and use it.

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