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I do a lot of them...2 layers of 3 oz. tearaway or
one layer of 3 oz cutaway (the stiff kind) and
one layer of solvy on the top.
Dont' hoop it 'tight'-don't stretch it...that really
causes the pucker. I use the clamp frame-and just slide the throws with the 
backing and solvy right into the clamp-tighten it and sew. Density...fills and 
lettering-kick it 'up'- lettering no lower than 5.5 or 6, fills, 6.5 or 7 works 
good for me.
The more stitches you try to throw on it the more it puckers, or you end up 
with a rigid 'patch' instead of a flexible logo. The only ones I do the tighter 
density on are the nylon backed (water repellant) from Sanmar-those take a nice 
good image easily.


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