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Dear Crack,
Know that if you are using "sticky backing" along with your fast frames, this 
backing is usually a "tear-a-way" grade of backing.  When using tear-a-way, if 
your fabric isn't stable enough (meaning not too stretchy) you must be sure 
that your satin columns are not too thin and that you are not putting too many 
stitches in one place.  
What's happening is the tear-a-way backing is tearing away as the needle 
penetrates whereby not giving you the support you need and then it's like not 
having any support for the fabric at all.  You may be tearing holes as you sew 
and we all know you can't embroider in a hole.
consider adding some additional backing under the fast frame (be it cut-a-way 
or more tear-a-way) or edit your design so your columns aren't too thin or too 
many stitches in one area.
Best of luck,


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