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I don't post much on this list but read it every day!!  Thanks for all the info 
you folks share so gladly.  

About Sticky Backing  - I originally bought sticky backing from a number of 
different places and it was all a nightmare.  Needles gummed up, thread breaks 
galore, used to get sweaty palms when I was getting ready to use the fast 
frames..  I tried everything - have a fridge in my shop and kept it 
refrigerated, turned the A/C on high an hr before using it -from the refrig-.. 
lol  I put wax paper on it I did everything you can possibly imagined down to 
'greasing my needles' lol.  No kidding though I did try everything!

Since my change to a good brand (first Perfect Stick - by Floriani - turned on 
to this by Fred) then AES (contact info below - where Fred is now) produces a 
great sticky backing, also.  . since the change I whip through the order with 
NO problems.  No Gummy Needles NO THREAD BREAKS nothing but blue sky sailing.  
Fred will gladly send you a sample and you Will Not Believe the DIFFERENCE!  
Here is a msg he posted on the other amaya list that tells us we get a 
'discount'  :)   Good luck!  Jill

Re: Stabilizer Discount For Fred Lebow 
There is Definitely a discount for this group and the Amaya users list  
Code is Amaya08
Re shipping you would have to call the individual distributor.
We may soon have someone in Canada w our products 
I may even go CISS in Oct in  Calgary
I would fish the Crowsnest River for a day if I drive up.
Fred Lebow - Non Wovens  -  406 854-2322
www.lebowconsulting.com (http://www.lebowconsulting.com) - 
flebow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -

"Stabilizing is the foundation for good embroidery. Lay a proper foundation"


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