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Gail- I use the speed frame system...beanies are easy.
I use the 6 x 5 size, and have a roll of 4" tear away on the left.
Take the end of the roll, pull it up and over the bottom of the frame,
clamp it with a small paper clamp (like you use on the hat frame),
then slide your beanie over that, pull down the top frame and reach in
to remove the clamp. (for the 'fold up cuff' beanie type, turn the beanie
inside out and embroider so you can read the logo. for the 'no cuff'
beanie like the skateboarders wear, the logo must be upside down
and you sew on the outside-don't turn it inside out)
on the real puffy ski beanies, don't stretch the beanie when you put
it on the speed frame. Before you tighten the top frame completely,
only pull the 'top' of the beanie out to the sides only enough to
straighten out the ribbing in the weave-no more. All your stitch density
should be high (like 6 or 8, instead of 4-5) and no underlayment on
lettering. Your stitching needs to be 'loose' to allow the beanie to
stretch when worn.
After the beanie is sewn, pull it off, and tear off the 'roll' of backing
and just slide the torn end back on the frame, clamp it, and start the
next one. I found I used 75% LESS backing doing this.
For some designs with small lettering, you may want to add a layer
of solvy on top-it will make it more 'crisp' and easier to read.
Hope this helps you!

Roland R. Irish III

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On May 20, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Gail Roman wrote:

How do you embroider on beanies.? When having to use a 15cm or 8cm hoop the beanie gets too stretched out from inserting that large of a hoop inside the hat.

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