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Here's what I do when I have to send 'proofs' to clients...I don't display it 
on my website yet...
In Design Shop, open a new document/page, then Type In the font NAME and maybe 
AaBbCc 1234 after it.
Duplicate this, move it down below the first one. CHANGE the name to the next 
font, leave the Aa etc. and that will also change.
Go right down your page doing this. I'd say maybe 3/4" type would be large 
Then set to 3-D, and SAVE this page, SAVE AS, pull down the choice menu-and 
look for jpeg (or maybe another file choice that works for her program) 
Now you are sending her an ART file, not a font file-and she can 'place' this 
in her webpage like any artwork...and instead of just having a list of 
fonts-there is a font SAMPLE that appears as though it was embroidered.
Works for me!


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