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Nope, sorry...probably not a mechanical problem in this case. 

Just changing pull comp in a fill or column will not always work. Pull comp 
used in a fill will only adjust in the direction of the stitch and may not give 
you the exact adjustment you need.

The push and/or pull of the fabric being sewn is usually the culprit. Designs 
are normally adjusted to sew well on  a given fabic. A good digitizer should 
always ask what fabic this will be sewn on and then test the design on a 
simular fabic before it is sent to their customer. Unfortunately, there are 
digitizers out there, that do not even own a machine, so cannot verify a given 
design creation. Creating a design stitch file is one thing, getting it to sew 
well is entirely another.

Normally, when adjusting a fill, because it appears that the "outline" is 
moving away from it, the fill wireframe points are moved to adjust for the 
problem area. The outline is not the problem, it is not moving away from the 
fill, the fill is moving, call it push and/or pull or shrink and/or stretch or 
whatever, but the outline tends to say put, as far as the registration goes. 

The speed of the machine, the higher the speed the more probablility of pull. 
The longer the stitch, same thing....lots of reasons for these registration 
issues to suddenly pop up and the need to adjust for them.

I will make a change for a given fabric/design and then save this design as a 
different file name, identifying the type, style, brand, etc, for the fabric so 
I don't have to keep re-inventing the wheel over and over. This also allows you 
to keep the "original" design in it's original form, which is important...

Rod Springer
Amaya Tech & Trainer


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