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Answer to the other question, we have taken several Dakota Collectibles designs 
and converted them to applique. Particularly if large fill designs... we taken 
the water polo/ volleyball jacket back turned it into an applique and let the 
shading sew over the applique it looks great.  The only difference to how we do 
it; we have a laser and cut them exact and just match it up to the outline.

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Not stupid questions.If  I am doing just a few shirts, I let the machine stitch 
the outline placement stitch.  I then cut a piece of fabric that will cover it 
plus a little extra.  Let the machine do the tackdown and stop the machine.  I 
then trim the extra fabric away, put back on machine and let it stitch the 
satin stitch.If you are doing lots of shirts, I hoop a piece of fabric and I 
use spray adhesive (make sure to use far away from the machine) on a piece of 
cardstock.  Stick the cardstock to the fabric and just stitch (you don't even 
need to use thread) the outline stitch of the applique.  Cut or punch this 
template out from the cardstock and this is your template for the actual size 
and shape of fabric you need.Hope that all makes sense.
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I have never done an applique with the Amayas.
I have Dakota Collectible set and was wondering exactly how appliquing is done 
using one of those designs.  I guess I understand the tracing stitch it does, 
but how does everyone get the material pre cut to place when the machine 
pauses????  Is it possible to make a design in Dakota Collectibles an applique 
if is not already an applique??/
these are probably stupid questions, but I was just wondering!

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