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Hello!  I have a question about adjusting the pull compensation in design shop 
pro.  My pattern is a dark green corvette that the customer wants on a light 
pink, stretchy knit shirt.  Its a stock pattern in exp format.  I seem to be 
having trouble with the pink showing through.  I have tried doubling the 
stabilizer, using solvy, using sticky tearaway with cutaway floated under it 
etc without any luck.  I was attempting to adjust the pull compensation in ds, 
but I'm not sure what I should set it too.  I don't seem to have the option of 
adjusting the fill itself, the only place I can find to adjust the pull or 
density is under the scale tab.  Anyway, I need some guidelines as to how much 
to set it too?  Any ideas?  Thanks, Cheryl


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