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Did you do a 'search' here in the archives for vinyl cutter info? It's been 
brought up before and several threads about the various cutters and programs 
are easy to find.
Any vinyl cutter you buy 'should' have it's own software to run it-it's the 
DESIGN software you need to focus on-to make up the lettering and/or logos, 
etc. Some of the better top-end graphic programs also will have built-in 
drivers (operating programs) to run various cutters.
I started out with a 15" cutter (Graphtec or Roland, I can't remember-ove 15 
years ago). It didn't take me 6 months to realize I should have gone bigger. 
Once you have a vinyl cutter-your customers suddenly want more-signs, banners, 
window lettering...and the tabletop 15" (usable 13" wide) cutters are more toys 
than production machines. Plenty of places to buy them...but trust me...do NOT 
buy one from 'ebay' or online for a price that sounds too low...it will NOT be 
a good machine! And some of the larger 'web' or catalog companies do NOT have 
their own 'service departments' or traveling service techs-so again, look for a 
company that has DEALERS in your area. Ioline, Roland, Graphtec,AllenDatagraph, 
couple other companies also are top of the line, commercial machines with good 
company backup and durability. AllenDatagraph (made right here in New 
Hampshire) is the ONLY machine completely built in the USA...so getting parts 
and service is easy if you ever need it. I'm on my sec
 ond Datagraph now...wore out the first one after 11 years, the replacement one 
is now 4 years old. I take it back to the factory every 3 years for a checkup 
and overhaul..if needed! Otherwise I have never had any problems. I have always 
used MACs for my graphics and driving the cutters-no bugs, no viruses, no 
A GOOD cutter is going to run you at least $1500 to start..and then throw in 
another $500 or more just for start up supplies...vinyl, squeegees, application 
(transfer) tape, knives, etc. and before you go buying Vinyl, I can send you to 
a couple 'signmaker' websites with blogs and threads about what brand names to 
stay away from and why, what brand material to use for what application, etc. 
It isn't just a 'buy the machine and start cutting vinyl' operation-it's a 
little more than that. But no where near the learning curve of an Amaya!


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