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Hi everyone,
I need some help with a design a friend needs to have embroidered. It is sized 
at 10 x 18 inches. I've ordered the 43 x 50 hoop (this afternoon) but now am 
wondering if I've made a mistake? The DS and OS show the embroidery area as 
being off center and towards the back? If I leave hoop limits on and center the 
design, the machine beeps that the design is out of the sewing field. If all it 
can do is up to about 15.5 inches front to back, then what is the point of 
having the extra length on the hoop? Has anyone here used or know how to use 
this hoop with all it's area available? I just can't afford the other hoop that 
is 53 x 43 cm. Do I turn hoop limits off to use it or what? HELP! Thanks, Edna


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