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To start off please dont hammer me, I'm just trying to post information of
As this list is here to exchange information to help everyone.
And I dont work for Melco.
I just talked to Patrick DeLagarze at Melco.
I told him about how some of the issues that were being brought up on the
list indicate that training might be beneficial and help reduce some service
calls and also help when we call service to better diagnose problems....
He told me Melco has changed and now offers free training to all Amaya
owners... Mr. DeLagarze also said that for those who want the training, if
you get with your sales rep. you can get the training for free. There are
location located all over, not just Denver.   And for those who have taken
the training a refresher is free for 1 year...  He also said that Melco is
developing online web based training too.....
And he also said that for many of the machines that are having trouble they
are finding that the color index seems to be the problem... The machines sew
fine for a few days and then start having multiple thread breaks...
Apparentley the machines get off around 6/1000th of an inch and it is
software driven.. I guess the fix is on the way out and looks very promising
to help index within 1/1000th of an inch. He was also famillure with all of
the names from the list that are having trouble.(I thought it was nice and
tells me he is aware of you)
And he said there are a little over 600 machines that are in service.
I would say that he is positive and seems very helpfull...
I would'nt hesitate to talk to him or John Payne and get your issues
resolved.  We know that there are machines that are running like crazy...
Lets get all of them working that way... Melco seems very dedicated to do
A Golden Stitch

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