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Hi Bill.  I pulled my hair out UNTIL
   I learned that stabilizer/backing is NOT optional;
   That the needle eye MUST FACE exactly forward, or EVER SO SLIGHTLY to the 
right (like about 1 minute after 12:00);
   Learning to trust the auto acti-feed instead of insisting on the manual 
   Learning to get that fabric thumping tight; 
   AND switching to a good quality poly thread. 

I have had the best luck with Robison Anton thread, Organ titanium needles, 
NEBs plastic sided bobbins OR Coats and Clarks cardboard-sided bobbins, and a 
minimum of two-ounce cutaway backing.

Keep the bobbin case clean;
Oil the hook daily before you start;
Make certain you're not in a dry environment that causes static electricity 
build up; and
Make sure the acti-feed rollers and pinch rollers are lubed and clean and 

As long as I do all of the above, I have no problems.  As soon as the hook 
starts to get the tiniest bit dry -- snap, pop, thread break!


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