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Hey, No kidding about the magnifying glass and flashlight.
My magnifier is 10-X and my flashlight is considered Police grade - really 

And consider this, "even monkeys fall from trees".
Meaning, every once and a while, I'll accidentally put a needle in backwards.  

Now, what SHOULD be turned to about a 45 degree angle is the needle bar clamp.  
Although, this should have been done at the factory.  There is what I call, a 
"valley", between the needle clamp screw and the front corner of the clamp.  
This is where the thread will pass across while sewing.  If your screw is 
straight forward, then there's a chance the thread could rub against it while 
sewing and if the clamp is too far to the right, then it simply makes it hard 
to tighten the screw.
Just a little FYI.



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