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I have an XT with 120M stitches on it.  I just completed the regular 
maintenance on it and now it stitches fine; however, when it picks up the 
needle during stitching (between letters is the worst), the thread doesn't 
really break, but its like the thread is being pulled through the needle.  
Also, it seems as though when you start to stitch (plunge, plunge, then stitch) 
it seems as though there is something binding or pulling the material up like 
the bobbin thread is catching underneath and pulling the garment up.  I've 
tried new needles, checked the bobbin, recleaned the bobbin assy and oiled the 
thread cutter and still the same problem.  It almost seems like a timing 
problem between the thread cutter and the needle.  Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.



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