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You are ftouching on one of those lubrication subjects that is somewhat 
elusive. How often you should lubricate the thread feed and pinch rollers as 
well as other parts of the machine should be dependent on several factors.

1. What are the most used colors/needles? These rollers and needle bars need 
more attention then the rest of them because logocally they get more wear. 

2. We all usually have a favorite spot for red,white,blue,black, etc. Waiting 
for the timers to pop up and tell you when to lubricate is a mistake. 

3. The timers are really set to try to figure out an average of stitches based 
on all 16 needles, so what happens if only 5 or 6 needles do all the work? They 
run out of lubrication.

4. The timers are only there to "help" remind you of lubrication issues but ARE 
NOT THE GOSPEL TO LIVE BY when lubricating the Amaya.

5. One must set their own lubrication schedule based on needle use.

6. To answer your question directly.....I would lubricate the needle bars, 
pinch rollers and thread feed rollers that are receiving the most wear, 
"monthly". But, but, but, again this is dependent on how much the machine is 
being used. There are places where shifts are run and the machines never 
rest---24 hours and 7 days a week. How could you not have to set your own 
lubrication schedule for those? For normal use, monthly , would be 
fine......but then, what is normal for one person, may not be normal for 
another person.

7. Jim, did the right thing---trouble shot a problem. If a problem occurs with 
thread break, fraying, etc....look at the needle first, rollers second and then 
"every thing" the thread touches on it's way to the garment. Don't forget the 
rotary hook and bobbin case, they must be clean.

8. There just isn't a safe way for one person to tell another person exactly 
when to lubricate the Amaya. They can only give them guidelines to follow, 
hence the timers for reminders. Do not always wait for them to tell you or the 
individual wear on the separate parts will get you for the most used ..........

Rod Springer
Melco Tech & Trainer

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