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Interesting.  I saw that but figured the color was just for an idea - and
then you might enter in the exact thread color etc.  Of course, it would be
better if you could load your thread colors right in :)

30 day trial... Guess it can't hurt 


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I have been looking for something similar. I use QuickBooks now but it
doesn't have the design history/info like t-boss. But as I watched the demo
I was struck by one thing. It may not be much of a problem though. I noticed
that the data entry person has to enter the color name as well as choosing
the correct color swatch. That won't be much a problem if you do small
numbers of entries but if you do many it could be an issue. What really
brought this up as a problem was my history of working on several end user
task forces. When my department was going from manual to automated big-iron
and then to distributed systems in the 80's and 90's I remember observing
how kludginess seemed to be the programmer's bane over time. It didn't
affect them much until they had to re-do things because end users kept
making so many mistakes. It cost the department more money in the long run
than if the programmers had just fixed it early on. If you have others doing
your data entry you might want to consider simplicity and consistency of
data entry as a high priority. That would be critical if the data entry
person enters a light yellow from the chart and the embroiderer reads yellow
from the text and grabs the wrong color. If you use only one yellow that may
not be a problem. It seems that a reliable app would allow you to select
from the thread brand by name or number. ARC 324 is not the same as Robison
Anton Rhodine red which is different from Isacord 2300J. They are all dark
pink but your corporate customer may have specific pantone number
requirements. None of these issues can be accounted for in T-Boss, at least
as I see it. I didn't go much further than that. But for me that would be a
deal killer.  
Jack Fuller

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Subject: [amayausers] T-Boss Quoting Software - Thoughts?

Sorry, the last mail got jumbled.  Lets try again...

I have been looking around for a quoting and invoice system and this one
seems really nice. They have the price lists for most major suppliers built
right in - so you can pop in your markup and quantity discounts and give an
instant quote. Just wondering if anyone is using it. It seems reasonably
priced and updates to the catalogs come via the web. I have looked at other
solutions in this price range and they all are well... Ugly. This oen seems
pretty well thought out and the interface must have been done by someone who
knows design. 




"Affordable quoting and invoicing software. Shop management software
designed by and for Screenprinting, Embroidery, and Promotional products
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