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        The paperwork that comes with the CD (particularly the yellow sheet) 
you about the Maintenance timers that need to be reset after loading this
software.  It's always a good idea to read the release notes that come with
the new software so that you'll know what to expect, provided everything
else is in check.
Ed Orantes

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To continue....
I received the new software and installed it on my laptop. After the system
restarted I opened Amaya OS and powered up the Amaya. The first thing I get
a Maintenance Timer popup telling me the 100,000,000 Stitch Interval Timer
maintenance is due (I wish I had that many stitches under my belf--in fact,
made a mental note to myself to adjust the timers on my desktop after I use
laptop so as to keep the timer counts correct). Calling....

The tech (mind you a different one, really didn't want to re-tell my whole
story but Chris was at lunch; this one was not as understanding) had me
the maintenance timers....ran the design....same problem. I was told to
uninstall the software and re-install and then re-configure.

So I did. Note, after I powered up the system, the OS automatically loaded
the last design (is there a setting to not have this if I don't want it?)
Unfortunately before the trim on the 3rd I, the machine shut down. At least
time the OS still had my design and I was able to do a manual trim (before I
a XY not home error). But alas, the thread was not cut so I trimmed again
to have the thread bar run in to the needle while it was down...the needle
stayed down instead of returning to head up. I manually put it up under the
maintenance, head timing, head up.

So I decided to try the design at 1100 (after shutting down and restarting
everything)--only I didn't notice that not only had the last design
reloaded, it
started where I left off (right before the 3rd I trim). At least it didn't
shut down before completing the other 13 Is. I did restart the design at
and before the 1st I trimmed the Amaya shut down. So back to calling Melco
(hope I can talk to Chris).


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