[amayausers] Re: Stitching not Following Digitizing

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Even though you put your exit point in a specific place sometimes the 
software will make the exit at a different place.  SOmetimes you can move 
the exit point just over or up a bit and it will change.  If you want to 
send me the file I can look at it for you.  I am leaving for tonight but 
could look at it first thing if you would like.  I am a little curious what 
its doing exactly.

Aaron Sargent
The Linen Barn
Medford, OR
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Subject: [amayausers] Stitching not Following Digitizing

>I created a design that has a right triangle at the bottom oriented such 
>that the right angle is at the top left corner with one side going down at 
>180 degrees, the other across to the right at 90 degrees and the hypotenuse 
>at an angle from the bottom left and rising to the top right.  The triangle 
>is a fill with the entry point at the bottom corner and the exit at the 
>right hand corner (not the right angle).  Then, a satin column border of 
>the same color is stitched along the hypotenuse.  The column is digitized 
>to start right where the fill exits.  I have verified this very carefully 
>in DesignShop Pro+ (6.08.522).  However, when sewing, the Amaya starts at 
>the bottom left corner (like it should) but then exits at the right angle 
>(top left) rather than at the top right as digitized.  This behavior forces 
>a trim when the machine should not stop at all.  I have not had time to 
>play much with this yet.  Is this a bug or a "feature"?  Anyone experience 
> David Sklar
> Ballyhoo!
> Arlington, VA 

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