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Yes, it is - the problem is, a lot of third world countries are now paying 
people pennies an hour to register as a live person and spam boards endlessly.  
It's CRAZY but true.  I honestly think that google just doesn't care.  If I 
showed you the volume of spam we get as a little board via gmail accounts that 
have been verified, you'd be HORRIFIED.  I had 293 registrations that passed 
email verification in less than 7 days while I had manual approval on.  Only 
ONE of those was a legitimate embroidery professional.

Even Captcha and Answering Questions doesn't slow it down much.  On my other 
forums, we run all that - 2 questions that change all the time, Captcha, email 
verification and we still get 10-12 users a day registering as spam accounts.

Log wise, you'd just have to look at the pending registrations - there isn't 
really a log output right now - and given the fact that I blew them all away, 
it wouldn't do much good right now.

Bottom line is, I need to update this board to vBulletin.  I've done about all 
I can here and it's time to move on.

If you use the site regulary, find the information valuable and can spare $5 or 
$10 to contribute to upgrade some of the backend server software, we'd 
appreciate it.

There is a DONATION link on the homepage that lets you put in whatever you want.

I'll be buying the software one way or the other at the end of this week if not 
before.  I don't like the idea of turning off registrations - and think people 
will be upset they have to manually email to get added to the discussion boards.

Anyway, thanks for the offer Steve - it's really time for me to upgrade.  The 
user experience will be much better anyway.


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