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Hey Folks:

Just so you know - this conversation is going to the whole list.

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From: "Herman Wilson" <pineapple@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 11:26 AM
To: amayausers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [amayausers.com] Re: Service Tecs in Kansas

Good morning again You e-mail me in Feb about a service call. Just wanted to 
say hi and how is your machine runing I know you also told me that your husbend 
had to have surgery done and you will let me know when.
Herman Wilson

Sandi Tschetter wrote:

Do you come to South Dakota? I have an Amaya that needs a general tune up and a 
couple of replacements.



Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 07:52:51 -0700
From: pineapple@xxxxxxxxx
To: amayausers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [amayausers.com] Re: Service Tecs in Kansas

Good morning
My name is Herman Wilson
I do travel all over the US In dec I was in Alaska
an about 3 week ago i was in Manhattan kansas then went to Garden City KS so I 
do travel alot for melco even after your warranty is over
you can contact me at 303-279-5659

e3m@xxxxxxx wrote:

Ms. Barbara,
Last time I checked, Melco had about 45 contract technicians.  This doesn't 
mean there is at least one in each state.  Some states have more than one tech 
and others don't have any.  I cover about 3.5 to 4 states myself.  And from 
what I hear, Melco lost 4 techs for 2009.  It's a combination of things but 
mostly, if there isn't enough work to keep up busy, we seek out other types of 
What happen to Mike Malmin.  His wife works at Melco as well.  Did they move??  
Or did you move??
I thought you were in Kansas??
Herman Wilson is a very nice guy.  I know him well.  Yes, he does travel to 
other states but then again, so do a lot of other techs too.  Just like myself. 
 I'm willing to go to just about any state if my schedule permits and the 
customer is willing to cover the travel expense.  While you are under warranty 
(90 days) Melco is responsible for covering the travel charges no matter where 
you live in the US but that part of the warranty expires after the first three 
months.  Of course this is common for just about all the embroidery companies 
out there.
Just curious, if a Melco certified tech is determined not to be close enough to 
purchase an Amaya, what would be your next brand of choice?  Meaning, what 
other company has representation closer to you?
I have to say, it's very wise of you guys to be doing your homework before you 
buy.  Most people don't think about the importance of a tech until they need a 
tech.  And to make things worse, they aren't considering the cost of a service 
call in the prices they charge their customers.  Embroidery companies recommend 
putting $50 - $100 bucks aside each month per head/machine for that inevidable 
service call.  If you don't need the service call in one year, you're doing 
good.  If you don't need a service call in two years, consider taking a luxury 
cruise with the extra money.
As of now, I don't see anyone in the state of Kansas that is Melco certified 
but that doesn't mean someone recently became a tech and I don't know about it. 
 Of course that would also mean that tech would be a rookie too.
I'm really wondering what happen to Mike Malmin.

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> Hi Ed,
> I live in Colorado and have used Mike Malmin for the last 5 years. My
> sister and her 2 friends really want a Amaya and it would mean 3 total one
> for each of them, but they hesitate because of not being able to get
> service, I know someone there must do it. Please check for me and let me
> know if you find anyone closer than Mike, I know I think that Herman Miller
> is here and have talked to him some, and I know he does travel to other
> states. Thanks so much for your trouble.
> Thanks,
> Barbara
> gquackers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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> Hey Quackers,
> I was just in Western Arkansas last week and Easter Arkansas the week before
> that.
> I can tap into the network of techs and see who might be the closest to you.
> We used to have a guy in Kasas City but he moved to Colorado with the
> family.
> You really are going to want a tech that knows the Amaya machine as they
> aren't as easily "figured out" like other conventional embroidery machines.
> Have you ever had to have your machine serviced? And if yes, who what it
> that visited you?
> Sincerely,
> Ed
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