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Before you do anything to destroy your needle head...
try this. Go to design shop, and set it so you can 'view hoop' and set the hoop 
for the slim line. 
hummmm,  4.5 x 4.5? That's a new size to me...not familar with it.
Anyways, back to design shop- once you can 'see' the hoop outline,
just make a box or oval to fit in there at least 1/2" inside your edge. Set it 
to dead center horizontal and vertical.
Send this to Amaya, and in amaya, see how it lines up.
Center hoop, and also center design...since you know it started out in Design 
shop on center, it should be pretty darn close to center unless your 'hoop' is 
way off center.
Now try a trace and see how it looks. If this one is okay, no edge error, go 
back and double check your tee shirt design to see if it is starting 'on 
center'. And, if you have to rotate a design to fit in a hoop and on the shirt, 
you still have to make sure it isn't past the hoop limit.
If it still says error, don't try anything else...get ahold of a tech!

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