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Hello Hilda, John and Mary;
        My name is Ed.  My wife, Maralien, and I operate our business out of our
house as well in the New Orleans area.  We own two Amaya's. We've had our
first one for about one year now and our second one was acquired this past
January.  We had a bit of a rough start with the Amaya simply because all of
the software kinks(and some hardware) had not been worked out.  I should say
that Melco has supported us all the way.  We've been running pretty good for
a while now.  I should also mention that I've been factory trained by Melco
to service the Amaya machine.  So I'd be happy to answer any questions you
may have.  Although it may be difficult for me to compare machine makes and
models, pros and cons, since our only other experience with embroidery
equipment was the EMT10T when we were getting started.  Good luck with your
And welcome to the 2 new members.

Ed Orantes

E.M. Broidery
Maralien Orantes
3740 Rue Nadine
New Orleans, La. 70131
504-398-1053 office
504-398-1052 fax

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I have 2 EMTs also...
Been so busy here running 10 cases of shirts that have to go out ASAP...

Hope all are well.
Seems like the list has been quiet... Which I think is good...

Until later.

The Kylers from
A Golden Stitch, Custom Embroidery
Golden, CO.
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I live in Florida and have a little business in my home. I mainly embroider
for the teaching community as I'm a substitute teacher by day. I have a
Melco EMT10T but if I were in the market to purchase today would probably go
with the AMAYA.  I hope to contribute info as well as get some questions
answered.  Glad to be here Hilda

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