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We've had to adjust our presser foot after it whacked the side of a hoop and 
slide up in the bracket assembly that holds it. Our tech (Brian) walked me 
through it over the phone but I can't remember how to tell you to do it. It's 
an easy fix-once you open the front of the needle head assembly there is a 'cam 
wheel' facing you and you see the shaft for the foot right there. I think you 
need the needle in 'heads down', loosen up the foot (can't remember if it's a 
hex screw or what) and drop it down, tighten it back up...was very simple to 
do. I know we need to do it again-it's creeped up so 'all the way down' isn't 
touching anymore. I know last month I heard it slapping on a hoop in the upper 
right hand part of a sewout...annoying but fixable.
Give your friendly tech a call and see if he/she will tell you how to do it if 
it's not in the 'manual' on the computer.


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