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I would go down to the local Sam's club and pick up a 1200va or bigger...
I think that they were about $150 last I looked...
Well worth it at home or shop...
A Golden Stitch

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I know this topic has been discussed before but of course I didn't keep any
info. and now I need it. I am going to be running my Amaya at home and need
some input on line conditioners/battery backups. I checked with one office
supply store and they had know idea what I was taking about in terms of the
line conditioner. Any suggestions on where to purchase would be appreciated.
Also wondering, is there a good source out there for a new embroiderer on
general guidelines/instructions for hooping and design placement that isn't
mixed up with a bunch of other information and is actually useful?
As always, thanks in advance for all of the helpful info. I know I'm going
to receive!!!!

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