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Anyone got any tips for sewing on patches?...I have sheriff patch I am trying 
to do just a walk stitch along the outside, but am having troubles with it not 
grabbing the bobbin and holding...so basically it will stitch some of the line 
fine but in other areas the needle goes down but isn't holding with the bobbin 
and keeps going so it looks like it skipped a couple of stitches.  Does this 
make sense...lol....ok I have my stitches 30pts away from each other...parts 
stitches out just fine and then in others it looks like it does 90 or 120pts 
even though it is still hitting down every 30.

I have two layers of tear away backing...am using a 80/12 bp and have tried 
standard actifeed set to 8 and 12 and also have tried auto actifeed.  Have also 
checked the bobbin which is fine and have also made sure the needle eye is in 
the right position.

Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated as always.


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