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QUOTE: ----- Originally posted by signman:
 Don't forget-we 'professional embroidery people' now have competition  
every spare bedroom seamstress-even my MOTHER has a fancy dancy sewing
machine that 'embroiders'....sure, no size changing, no custom logo,  
limited fonts
for lettering-BUT she and her lady friends stay busy doing  
'embroidery' for their
friends and family...to them- $4.50 to name a shirt would be $4.50  
more than they
make watching Oprah all day!
So, you never know where that quote comes from!
Roland  ----- Tis true - we have a lady on our street that bought a home 
machine and immediately thought she could take on the world.  Guess who ended 
up actually doing the job.  Us.

BTW, Roland wins the prize for what I believe is the first mention of OPRAH! on 
the list  ;)

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